Setup shipping cost and opinion on site
Hello, I have a little problem, I configured my site so when a customer picks up the product in stores and validates their bill refines shipping vanishes.

I then checked the box (the first for that matter) in my administration planned for this, I also indicating that the fixed price of postage, except when I make an order and I said, payable to counter shop and many shipping on your order do not can be removed, why??

Should I remove old cookies from my computer or is this a problem site?

Does someone could try, is what may be just a problem from my computer ...

Here is the site (I've almost finished) also interests me your opinion on the issue pro or not the site, spelling, colors, etc. ...

Thank you ...
Author : Sab
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Creation : 2010-03-24
Mylène said ...
Good evening,
What a nice site here! I like!
It's complete and varied.
For your sake option I understand, it works at home may be another member of the community will he the solution.
Good continuation, I wish you great sales.
sab said ...
thank you, from other posts, I also just visited your mimischka that I find very beautiful, thank you and good continuation for you too.

Regarding the config shipping, I still have not settled the problem, KING E SHOP are you doing? thank you ...
KingEshop said ...
Hi Sab,

Here's a question that our FAQ will help you (go to paragraph 1 of section ''a) Elimination of postage'') :


KingEshop Team.
Armelle said ...
Beautiful site with beautiful pictures! It makes you want to buy. Bravo! It seems complete.
For shipping to the counter, do you have clicked on I will fetch the command at home in the party to be completed by the customer for information delivery.
For my site it works!
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