Terms and conditions of use of the site
If you choose to use the site of KingEshop.com, you recognize having read and understood the terms and conditions of use cited below and agree to respect them and all the modifications that could be made to them. These terms and conditions of use constitute a contract between you and KingEshop.com, which means that the non-observance of one or several of these terms and conditions of use could expose you to penal proceedings.
Unacceptable content
KingEshop.com reserves the right to refuse access to anyone for any reason.
KingEshop.com also reserves the right to exclude or remove any content considered to be unacceptable. If it wishes to, KingEshop.com can send you a warning about the violation, but nevertheless reserves the right to remove the contents considered to be unacceptable or the site without notice or advance warning.
Here are examples of contents considered to be unacceptable by KingEshop.com :
-Transform a online shop into a lounge gambling or video lottery. Firearms and ammunition. The sale of restricted drugs. Systems that promote easy money based on (eg Win 2000$ per week!). Drugs or products to be manufactured (eg seeds, plants, equipment).
-Harassing, threatening or humiliating another KingEshop.coms user.
-Transmission, storage or assistance to distribute contents considered to be (from a reasonable point of view) dangerous, insulting, violent, racist or xenophobe, obscene, vulgar, paedophile or pornographic.
-All content transmitted via unsolicited messages (spam).
-Any product or service that violates intellectual property (copies of brands, software, etc.).
-For an adult, any request for personal information made to a minor (any person of less than 18 years or considered to be minor according to local laws in force). This information includes without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the complete name or the surname, the address of the residence, the postal code, the telephone number, a photograph or the names of the school, church, sporting club or friends of the minor.
-Any link pointing to a competing supplier of KingEshop or any site created by a competitor, will be followed by automatic deletion without notice of the shop.
To help you to judge what could become unacceptable contents, ask yourself if the content you want to post in your site can be said publicly or in a work environment. We nevertheless reserve ourselves the right to make the final decision about what contents are acceptable or not.
Comments posted in the KingEshop.com site
No information or comment in the site of KingEshop.com is an opinion or an advice given by KingEshop.com. The contents of the site are neither medical, neither legal, nor of business. Any opinion or any comment made via this site is those of its author and not those of KingEshop.com. The comments or the opinions, which are made in the site of KingEshop.com are not automatically reviewed before being posted in the site of KingEshop.com. KingEshop.com does not assume any responsibility for the contents or consequence, direct or indirect, of the communications made between the users.
Intellectual property
All the elements contained in the site, such as the texts, articles, photographs, illustrations, images, headers, logos, or videos are the sole property of KingEshop.com. No element of the site can be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, translated, downloaded, posted or transmitted, in any way, without KingEshop.com prior written consent. The creation of non-authorized copies of any contents of the KingEshop.com site may result in the suppression of your account (without refunding of possible amounts paid in advance, subject to the applicable legislation).
KingEshop.com does not claim the intellectual property on the contents of your online store such as the texts, the images, the photographs, the videos, the music or any other material you download transmit or store in your account of KingEshop.com. We will use the contents of your online store only to give you the services provided by KingEshop.com.
The owner of the online shop is the UNIQUE PERSON IN CHARGE to make backups of their site (texts, images, and other elements of the database) for the reasons whatsoever (data protection, relocation or other site) . KingEshop DOES NOT backup individual database for a particular site. Daily backups of KingEshop serve only to restore the system as a whole and not to restore a particular site (or any other reason). There is no exception.
In case of termination of an online store for abandonment, removal or other provider, EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE ARE PERMANENTLY REMOVED, so it will be impossible to recover or obtain any element whatsoever of our databases for any reason whatsoever.
Limitation of liability
You agree to use the service of KingEshop.com according to the international laws, rules and regulations as those which are applicable in your home country, including the laws relating to the transmission of the exported technical data.
KingEshop.com, its directors, its representatives, its employees, or its members declines any responsibility if direct or indirect damage is made to you resulting from your access to the site or the use that you make of it. The totality of the site is provided to you just as it is, without guarantee of any kind, implicit or explicit. Although KingEshop.com does all what is possible so that the site does not contain any error, KingEshop.com declines any responsibility related to any error, which could be found on the site. Also, KingEshop.com declines any responsibility and is freed from all damage or viruses which could infect your data-processing equipment, following your access to the site or use of the site, or the remote loading of materials, data, texts, images, video or of the site.
You are solely responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your password. KingEshop.com declines any liability in case of theft of your password and all the consequences that could result from it.
Customer complaints
KingEshop.com reserves the right to close without notice any online shop who is exposed to complaints from dissatisfied customers. In general, the owner of the online shop must work hard to satisfy its customers in compliance with the standards for reimbursement, pricing, product quality, delivery times, etc.
In case of disagreement between an owner of online store and its customer, KingEshop.com expects that the owner fully reimburse the dissatisfied customer immediately and absolutely in all cases.
The owner needs to know that a single unresolved complaint will end for sure and without appeal by the closure of the online shop.
KingEshop.com reserves the right to modify the terms and the conditions of use of the site at any time. Any change to the terms and the conditions of use of KingEshop.com will be published on this page. The more important changes will be announced in a particular way, for example, by sending you a notice by email.
Deletion due to inactivity
Given the huge demand we have, we can not keep our shops inactive and we remove them automatically after 30 days of inactivity without notice. To keep your online store, make sure you connect at least once a month in your administration.
If there are differences between the English version and French version of the Terms and Conditions, the French version must to be considered like the true version.

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