Your reviews and advice please
Hello all thank you kindly give your reviews and tips on the site I'm currently tinkering
Author : Ben
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Creation : 2010-05-04
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
I like the homepage, it is pro. By cons I find that your header has little to do with what you sell.
La Môme said ...
I think your site is well done, actually it is pro.
By cons do not forget there are static pages that are down new privacy link, maybe if your site is launched it would disable the time to achieve. (site not finished)
chouette06 said ...
Good evening

As Alain I found your homepage very much. By cons I will remove the red flower in the banner that does nothing.

It should correct the errors because there are and it is not very pro.

Good continuation
Anonymous said ...
Good evening
I like your site nice and pro. I'll be home soon client because my wife loves the fake nails and you have not hurt! At least from what I saw after I did not know in the inside (laughs) I know this as your own stick and that's what my wife wants so.
Short nice site, I wish you good sales.

Céline D. said ...
So in my opinion, the real trick useless is the logo header flashing.
this is really amateur compared to the rest of the site.

As I often say to kingeshoppeur seeking advice on their website, compared with pro found the net (Cdiscount, mgooddeal, etc ...) can not ever vera logo flashing on this type of sign.

And for good reason, it is disturbing and it prevents a rapid grip on the internet homepage. In 10 seconds it closes again and we move on.

Then I allow myself a little advice, your logo must be the name of your shop, and the slogan, you put underneath. The 2 in 1 is not useful.

I wish you a good continuation.

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