Your opinions please because no sales
More than a month since I finished my shop and not a single sale.
Is that my shop does not pro?
Give me your opinion please. Thank you.
Author : AlainD
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Creation : 2010-02-12
Delf said ...
Hello Alain,

Your banner compare, we are the cheapest hurting the eyes. I can not find it enjoyable to watch.
Seen your alexa rank, you must not have many visitors.
Do you do the pub?
In privacy, the text overlaps the beginning.

I do not like the 2nd part of the homepage, the photos of your products.
too much space between things, too many different sizes.
Your text is not centered or justified choice items from the brand ...
That search.

You say that vendetta is the underpants of the Hustler brand but you do not direct link these briefs, we must look at the site.

For me
niwa said ...
Hello Alain,

You have your domain name for 14 days and you're lucky because the robots are coming to visit you very often, but you are on an industry so competitive that visitors will see the first sites and your site n ' is currently not visible on the first 10 pages of Google (do a search for your keyword).

Patience, patience and again patience.
good luck
Nad said ...
I found the site clean enough, but actually for the banner ... So try the software Cool Text (free)

For your cons heading interactive catalogs is a very good point!

Attention was also made not too overwhelming image.
Good luck!
Marc said ...
Having an online store does not sell, especially in the field you have chosen or the competition is very tough.
An online store is primarily an excellent tool for your shop or home sales or other contracts etc ...
Having a single store along with other data unlikely to sell any pins.
It is after creating your shop canvassing and make you know in real.
I started as a few months and I sell between 250 and 400 per day on the net three times during my travels on France.
The road is long good luck.
Anonymous said ...
In my opinion you should use colors more appropriate for this type of site. Of course the red and black colors are sexy, but there's been a bit overloaded. Try something more simple, more elegant. Check out other sites for inspiration equivalents (note I did not say copy :-))
AlainD said ...
thank you for your advice, I see that it is the banner that bothers the most, I'll address them quickly.
Anonymous said ...
Unfortunately lingerie on the Internet sector is very very very competitive!
To sell, you really stand out and work hard to become famous.
Good luck to you
lol said ...
I find your store very well, seems to me very pofessionnelle. Do not despair there is so much competition, it takes time to make themselves known.
In my case, in 3 months I made 15 sales, I think it's good for a start.
Anonymous said ...
hello, I have my site for about a year, but early sales were made in January and February this year! I had lost hope, but finally it's worth the wait! Good luck!
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