Your opinions on my site
Hello everyone.

It has been five days since I started working on my site and would like to have your opinion to improve it.

For the price they normally will change this weekend when I received my price list.

The address
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Creation : 2010-08-25
Ano-nym said ...
Herbalife is not just a kind of cult is not it?
Watch where you step ...
Good luck!
sandy said ...
sect? no ... trade rather pyramid.
I found your site a lot, just a personal criticism I would change the background, there is too much pink in my taste. good continuation
Ano-nym said ...
If not really a cult, very close anyway ...
And their products can be hazardous to health ...
See link:
Or try searching on Google you'll understand ....
Anonymous said ...

Herbalife a cult? I frankly do not know. I do my business in my area, I sell my products bar point, I attend their meetings or not others. I order everything I sell it, I have no connection with them.

After the products were so dangerous I would not, because I use it daily. At one time they apparently contained something not good but not anymore.

That kisses and if you have other opinions on my site and not Herbalife, I take.
CréaStyx said ...
do not know absolutely nothing about it!

Viewpoint site design at 17:15,
I found the home page very well done, both sober, simple and complete (in the sense not too empty, I do not speak the texts!)

Page Profil
A little too fat! Why not just write the titles in bold?
The logo is a bit too big for my taste

Help page,
A little too pink!

Contact Page,
The color is very red and I do not really find it harmonious with the rest of the site!

Super good idea and presentation Beauty Tips section, but also too pink I think.

People who are really interested in your site and who want to read it may be fed up from reading in pink, it fatigues the eye! =)

Ever yours,
Anonymous said ...
Hi and thank you for your comments!

I will change the profile, to smaller and in normal and change the size of the logo, I will change a bit to remove the colors of pink and red contact page.

You have any ideas for colors that fit together well with the pink?

I would change it all tonight!

CréaStyx said ...
I look again at your shop ...

Super nice profile page!
But again I think it's the same color too!
But I love these tones and then my shop is also in shades of pink and purple ...

For cons, the Contact page in blue it really wrong!
It is easier to see a site or pages have prenamed all the same colors, I think!

Why not use the purple / mauve in your profile page, but put the titles back in pink for the color of the site and the banner

Beauty tips for heading, orange is not good I think!

Ever yours,
Anonymous said ...
Re cuckoo

The contact page is purple, you've got to look at when I began the transformation. For the orange I agree it's not that great. I'll see what it gives by putting different colors on the same page. By cons I'd do it tomorrow ... because the dodo.

I could have a link to your shop to get some ideas of colors?

Kisses and good night to all.
Stéphane said ...

Not a fan for trade Herba. but the site is clear and bright tees ...

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