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Author : Tendanceon
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Creation : 2010-04-01
christel said ...
I can not find your site on google
Anonymous said ...
Too expensive products even at 35% less on Cdiscount example .....
Given the concurence I think you'll have trouble selling all these items as people have lost faith in major retailers for reasons of security but ...
good luck
Dédé said ...
The window is clean and well presented, everything is clear except for a few points:
-Delivery costs that I could not see also why I just do not command your house if a buyer was the items that you sell.
I do not know who to buy! Who are you apart Online Trend? I introduce you to who I give money, remember that the client has sent you would do 1 euro did nothing in return: no guarantee he will see the color of this he also ordered again: inspire confidence!!
-A society worthy of the name indicates a phone and also avoid non-premium mobile numbers ....
Your products are actually 30-40% above the average, did you use the price comparison on Google? Are your prices could not be more fantastic! Finally, there are up to you ...........
Finally, very seriously revisit the description and keywords of your website because I have visited your store qqes time ago and nothing has changed: no result!! I do not even know where you are on Google or other engines ...
I know it is easy to criticize but with some adjustments you can get.
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