Your opinions interest me
After a few changes to my online store, could you give me your opinion?
Please provide your comments ...
Thank you in advance
Author : Françoise
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Creation : 2009-11-24
Galexy said ...

Personally I find your site very successful.

For cons the banner does not go too well with the rest.
Why not put all the banners with your logo instead of just the center?

Also be careful to stay within your graphic (That is, the colors chosen before the creation of the site, as well as the police)

For this it is green, pink, purple, beige in the banner, and there are also blue writing in the home.

Sort a few of these colors and really choose one or two colors.

If you want help with your banner please contact me.

Mary said ...
You want to have our opinions, so I lose one, it's ok but one detail caught my eye, under the name of your shop, there is a slogan written in black and the only something written in black on your page and there is good and it's not very nice, slice it too over your colors rather tart. Finally this is a retail and otherwise everything is very cute.
By cons, your idea for the shipping cost is very intelligent and interesting? I can do the same on my site because I am bothered me when a customer orders several items, shipping costs add up and it is not possible and so your idea is a good thing as temporarily KingEshop does not change that.
Thank you

Françoise said ...
Firstly a big thank you to Galexy and Mary for their advice.
Galexy as you offer me if Gentier, I'm OK for you to help me improve my banner, I'll contact you but I do not know by what means? Can you contact me by mail: ref contact on my site.
As for Mary for the transportation costs it is OK (I must admit that this is not me who found this idea, another person suggested to me ...)
Best regards
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