Your opinions interest me
Hello, I just set up my shop, and love to hear your positive or critical nétatives. Thank you for your attention.
Author : Mymy
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Creation : 2010-05-06
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
Personally, I find the homepage is very boring, you should put pictures of your items for Agaya a bit.
And put your classes in the plural, you do not sell a necklace or an accessory.

Remember the GTC. You still need a little work but we've all been there!
Good luck and good sales.
chouette06 said ...
Good evening

I think your banner does not go with the theme of the site, but this is just my opinion. As Alain said a little more cheerful would be a plus for a site relating to marriage.

I have seen neither your Terms, or your siret, nor your cnil No, nor your address. We do not know who you are dealing. Just a mobile phone number I think it's a little light to give confidence to people.

Good luck for the future,
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