Your opinion please
Hi, this is the store of the ASSOCIATION SARA, a new beginning
acting animal welfare in Rhone Alps:

Could you give us your opinion?
(Is this too heavy? Is there too much blabla? This is understandable and clear?)

Thank you!
Author : AssoSARA
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Creation : 2011-12-01
bebecalinou said ...
hello I love
Nat said ...

I like your site and what you do. I am very sensitive to the animal cause.

The only downside is that you have deleted the profile page, and we would like to know who you are, why you are helping the animals and where you are, how money is distributed sales because anyone can ... make a website and say it helps the animals ...

Good luck and good luck
Nat said ...
I found the link to your official site on the homepage but at the first visit it had not occurred to the mind to click on ...
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