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I soon finished the Free can tell me what you think now?
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Creation : 2010-11-21
Anonymous said ...
no funciona
Anonymous said ...
not work
Anony Mouse said ...
Beautiful presentation.
Aside from the misspelling in the title of the topic, I do not see the point to explain what a designer (you write Creteur) is a little take visitors for Dummies.
Your welcome text, etc. Welcome ... .. is an image, the text is hidden by a search engine.
Your description is only a series of keywords, so that is what will appear first in the search result.
Your terms and conditions, need not be indexed by an engine, the fact of having published the image format is not a drama, but the writing style is very readable text for a super important .
It is a choice that some may like, but photos are not clickable on the homepage and destabilize not please all the people who are accustomed to click on a picture for more details, rather than targeting one little word.
Free shipping on your promotion is valid for France, the USA and Switzerland? I think there is error, as eg for Switzerland, the visitor has the choice of the City of Geneva!
Your keywords are very badly arranged, you actually almost sentences, what you should've done in your description: eg.: Handcrafted jewelry Dare Démesure is not really a keyword, it is not impossible that Google ignores it.
I know a lot of store on KingEshop ****** used to separate classes, we must not lose sight that these *** are read by search engines, and it is not impossible that such particular engine fails to generate a general summary of the site due to these stars.

The photos are beautiful, even perfect. The choice of theme black / gray / white underline the essential: the jewelry.
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Anonymous said ...
thank you for all these details I take good note and I will change all that, thank you very much!
Anony Mouse said ...
I forgot something, because some prices are very attractive: it is missing in the description of items (I do not have it all done) the material used (steel, aluminum, copper or other) for chains and pendants.
If you do not knock, you have to answer to me several times that.

Another thing, because I find these items very original, the diameter of clocks included in the necklace would also provide a clearer picture of the object.

Be careful with the pictures you have in at least one that does not seem to belong to you, (Alice ...), unless of course you work closely with the other vendor.
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