Your opinion please
can you give me your opinion on my site, I have many visits but may Asking why?
thank you
Author : christelle
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Creation : 2010-11-13
Dolce said ...
I went on your site that I found super
By cons I can help you share your report online sales, because any day is the customer who has the last word, sil has no desire to buy, if I can reassure myself I ' t have too many sales on my site.
Good day to you and good sales
sandrine said ...
it is great, I am far to reach your level.

uml; For me, it makes you want to buy, try to embed in a maximum price comparison site, a link on facebook too.

If you explain to me how one minute you're able to integrate the paypal logo I can not.

Thank you and good luck
Jackee said ...
Hello Chris,
Your store is beautiful, surely one of the most successful I've seen on KingEshop ... This site is really full, and if you have few sales, because you are specializing in products for customers in a sport riding, you will have so do plenty of pubs clubs in order to know your pretty pro shop filled with beautiful things unknown to the general plublic ... I play the races for years and yet I do not know a quarter of your articles, so imagine the vast majority of Internet!
Go to forums Reserved horse ... Send advertising flyers or posters, business cards equestrian centers in your region and even from France, so that we go take a look at your site ... in case anyone would be interested in your products !?!?!
I wish you a very great happiness in this wonderful world that is the horse world!
PS: If it does not bother you, I want to sign your shop in my LINKS page ...
ycaz said ...
Good evening
I come to your site.
If I can venture to give you my opinion which is that of an amateur and not a professional website creation, I think your homepage is too busy and unfortunately we see at once that This is a fan website (logo too eg mail, facebook and others) and also too many pictures with links that only refer to the menu of products. A beautiful image of a beautiful thoroughbred, with a small inset pub, it might go better in my opinion.
Then the headings have no interest in the search engines. They will take you to choose size reference. A topic title eg clothing X (mark) and the text on the finish, with the right keywords is required PMs will gorge. The number of entries is limited.
Finally, we must pay attention to topics that are in trust as privacy. First and this is just my opinion, it is useless, and then your item is not completed, the company should be completed ... etc. This often happens when you do copy and paste, we forget (it happened). I would also say that different items (panties horse) all have the same photo. With a digital camera, have come out a lot of shots.

Well, hopefully not being too critical but it is, I repeat that in my opinion, personal and amateur.

Good luck sales will
Rose said ...
Then I went too
In summary I would say there is too much color, ca assaults your eyes a little
I mean, you are quite correct items and more detour
there's remove the frame and you will see how everything is going to be suddenly more clean and want to stay longer
Finally, this is only an opinion, but hey
do not take it badly, is a good sign if there are many tour
Good luck, I know it's full of work
ne1190 said ...
A bit like Ycaz, I find the reception poorly arranged, the principal is at the bottom.
We see around mugs, a horse's head, animated gifs, a briefcase on wheels, stuffed animals and toys, figurines and statues, etc. .. what is seen as the search engines, and it is possible that your visitors are searching for these items?
The marks on the right side are invisible by the engines, they are images, they do not bear the brand name and these marks are not in your keywords.
For your keywords, all your categories should be there, at least those who have a relationship with the saddlery.
The welcome I'm happy my /.../ wide variety of products ...
is valid for any e-commerce, must detail the products, in talk.

At the bottom, your suppliers, are useless in my opinion, I know eg. Ludivine Passion, I can buy directly on their online store is what could make your visitors (unless you Ludivine Passion pays for this pub)

In your entry, choice of size is important, but the image is too heavy, the whole weighs over 200k.
In your entries, add content, add passion, write things that shows you love horses.

The description of your site is too short, no identification code (meta tag Google).

As you write the Jackee, go around the rides in your area (and beyond), distributed leaflets and business cards with your website (think cards Cheap

With a little luck and a little polite request, you can get a voucher for a campaign at Google Bars, more focused.
In my opinion your visits have nothing to do with the horse and tack, you can check this by seeing the length of visits and pages visited.
Anonymous said ...
Hello, I visited your site ......!!! yes too much of everything, the frames of your entry in all colors to remove, it will appear frameless already pros, too then THE HORSE logo on the left just useless added to your page.
Your photo shop why not put it in place of your meadow and the Q of your horse while it is very 80s cheesy and say it bluntly.
if your picture does not fit voyer with a photographer so that he reworked, with your logo on the left that will be enough and everyone will have understood what you sell.
Then why put all your classes on your homepage, your categories are already visible on the left of your site, use your home page to product appeal, promos that will be more vendor.
DELETED absolutely, methods of payment Paypal and check to the right of your page, people are not stupid they know very well that your articles are not free, your means of payment will appear in the basket page and billing and this is quite enough .
Gifs of horses running background frankly very amateur, delete, plus links to the POST do useless as the link facebook, facebook regular scandals are not likely to put you ahead.
Well, now you target a very specific clientele so you'll have plenty of time to make yourself known, your visitors are buying anything that may be curious that no horse background and therefore have nothing to you buy, courage work always pays!
Jackee said ...
Hello Chris,
as lovers of the equestrian world, I find your site and your ideas are well sipérieur (s) to those who criticize you (do not worry for those people, I've never seen a compliment on KingEshop, these are top pros from them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL)
If, as they say, your colors hurt the eyes, especially when they go to see mine, they could become blind!
With great pride for my colors too flashy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiss and do not think Chris and search engines WHICH FOR 85% OF SITES THAT WE CONAIS are useless because their website means absolutely nothing ... Especially to real customers think that you can have specialized in clubs thanks to the pub on paper ... Your site will be the presentation of your products and prove your serious!
Especially, do not be discouraged for I, without making direct sales KingEshop, my income is much higher than some ...
Dj X Jackee
Ycaz said ...
I think DjO8ardennes did not understand the meaning of our answers. If, when someone asks a notice on its site, one must say that it's perfect, so that by not believe a word, it is a deliberate torpedoing applicant's site. If the pros KingEshop warn against too flashy sites, logos useless pages overcrowded, animated logos, blurry pictures ... etc. I do not think that either, pace dj08ardennes or able to contest. Now, as regards income, it seemed that all the commercial sites they had to display the price of products or services sold. It seemed also that the general conditions of sale were MANDATORY as is the CNIL. Finally, Chapter PRIVACY, copy and paste is useful when one is able to correctly complete the entry.
Of course this is only an amateur opinion. It must therefore be wary indeed of opinion especially if they are encouraging fans ...

Although all
ycaz said ...
Hello again

Oh I forgot: it's the dialogue that light shines ...
ne1190 said ...
I give my opinion amateur besides my store here is like nothing, because I never finished, for reasons quite technical.
Jackee, I gave you reason with respect to the pub on paper, but Chris asked a notice on its site, I also like horses but not enough. There are things to sell, you must choose priority and accessories: for me the mugs and binders are accessories that can be easily obtained elsewhere plus a personal photo.
The fact that you DJ you actually live in the light, in animation, but the bling-bling has (unfortunately or fortunately) never fly in e-commerce.
Your customer as a DJ does not come into most of your site, do not think it's the same for others.
She has a shop hard with fees, rent to pay, etc., more virtual is always welcome, so if Chris is intelligent, which I have no doubt she will make a synthesis of his work and advice given site between 2 customers.
Jackee reacts as if KingEshop was a platform blog, with link exchanges on any axis, no connection between them, because it does not matter at all on his site for a living. But put all these links on his site do not reference the other better.

I, like probably Ycaza, I'm an amateur, so there is no requirement to follow the advice of amateurs, even if I trade since 1983 and is one of the first 2000 users in Belgium early 90s, I am an amateur with a neck of normal size.
As I wrote on another post, I often talk about what I think, in my humble opinion, steeple, let alone what is successful, because to create an e-shop, work hours and Then ask for an opinion, it is already a great achievement, a step usually taken towards the final sale online.

On that note, Happy selling everyone, I think I go around the forum.
Jackee said ...
Hello Ycaza,
I'm not performing intermittent autoentreprenor or trader therefore cgv and legal do not apply to me! I do not sell (s), I just rented my services! I declare my income with my contracts and resolving the so-called vignettes in the entertainment world (better known under the name of the shark world ... LOL)
As to NE 1190, you are right to say that Chris has a business and not me, it is true that the internet leads me to some contracts that year (which is not bad!) While must make its sales through the Web ... But I remain convinced that exploring for more than the Internet, it could be a loyal clientele since its field is special, it would have to move to build relationships in the community to to promote its products in his shop with people who play racing! (Home or individuals).
Good luck to all ...
Ycaz said ...
Totally agree with Jackee and ne1190. Its website, like Jackee should be a bonus. By canvassing door to door, there is much chance of getting to know, but with a caveat, as Jackee, only locally. This suggests that Internet is open to areas other than local. DJ Obviously, it must also take into account the distance.
Nevertheless, and here is the customer who speaks, go to a site too bling dealing with the horse world, I would say about serious charge of history, if not a little reserved some customers, it does not bind to trust when buying any product. I would have thought a site class, sober, almost religious, if I may, with of course, super attractive price ... This is just my opinion.
It must be recognized, and this affects everyone, that our efforts deserve recognition and tastes and colors do not discuss.

To all good luck

PS: Jackee: Why make a site like online sales, while a large page ad with your job, a few items with photos of someone from your activities (clubs, weddings, etc. ...) and your contact information ( with no corporate or company) ... something like an artist's promotion might attract more customers. (FYI, I am part of a family and in-laws and musicians who have had training for dances, tea dances, weddings, clubs, dancing and other and have some knowledge of this type of work)
Jackee said ...
Hello Ycaz,
You're certainly right for the page instead of the pub-style site that I do, but I must confess that there are still 2-3 years, I had never gone on the internet, I don ' had never touched a PC! I do not know the advertising pages on the net ... Then there is a little over a year, I saw that you could create a free site KingEshop when I started! My site is perhaps not doing it to be a DJ, but I love working on it ... I'm always on Photoimpact to create a new homepage! So puisqu'avoir site makes me happy, why change, and then, why still do like the others?
A +
Hello again,
Thank you all for your compliments and all critical opinions is always good to take
-Your compliments motivate me to continue
-And your reviews can allow me to improve myself
For the survey on paper this is done and I board déjas déjas a small loyal customers in my area.
But like many business cases are not very good, that's why I created my site, my sales area élargire
For my pages I have seen an average of 2 to 15 pages per person in France
I'm all about and compare prices on facebook, and on several web site links
(Sandy) For the logo I ais paypal registered image and pasted to my page
Thank you again to all your opinions warm my heart
And thank you to you too for the links Jackee (3 visits from your site)
Jackee said ...
Do not despair, it takes time to get there ...
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