Your opinion please

I am finalizing my online store you will find here:

I do not sell a product: colloidal silver 500ml bottle and then I add a spray 100 ml multi-use.

I'm writing a few topics that will be online in 3 languages when they are fully translated.
I also added links to my competitors who are or 2 times more expensive or out of stock permanently. H1N1 requires ...

Thank you for giving me your opinion on the presentation, graphics etc ... Please uncompromising

Your reviews will help me improve my site so do not be afraid ...

thank you all

bernardo (
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Creation : 2009-11-23
Camille said ...

I refer to your request for an opinion.

If you had links to your competitors to help your sales on your site you may well be sued because it is forbidden.

Also where will they come here. Then think again.

Good luck in any case

Best regards,

bernardo said ...
Thank you for your response ... but the site? what do you think?
Galexy said ...
Good evening,

To me your site ... seems too pale.

There is too much text, not enough photo and not enough life ...

As long as you have not remedied this customer will leave your site quickly ...

Otherwise I found the site pretty, beautiful colors.

Indeed it is entirely forbidden to compare to competitors ...
bernardo said ...

Thank you for those comments ... I still said that comparative advertising is permitted (under certain conditions of course) since 2001 ...
Delphine said ...
It is clear that it is authorized by this ad.
Leclerc benefits well
bernardo said ...
Delphine thank you ... Leclerc, Green Light ... and dozens more ... I am surprised that so many people ignore
Anyway I have not finished scolding me for the contents while I ask an opinion on the container ... ;-)
Delphine said ...
I find it fun.
It seems logical to me the text home page because it clearly explains the product.
I like the boxes and colors.

by cons, I asked a simple question but I do not know if you will reply.
How can you have if other competitors are out?
I put myself in a position of client and I could find it dubious quality or other ....

So may be not a good idea of competing for those links that are broken.
Anonymous said ...
How can I have?? simply because I makes myself and my capacity is 110 bottles per day because I have a professional equipment ...
So much for the story
A +
bernardo said ...
Delphine Excuse me, Anonymous is me :-)
Céline D. said ...
Hello Bernardo,

I had never heard of the product you sell, and this time I devoured the little (and damage) of information contained in your site.
But from what I read above, you will address them.

My small suggestions;

- We must improve your banner (header on your site), it is too dark and your logo gif is not good (too strong clipping)

- Take a good domain name for you (

- Home page, why not add photos to your production facility?
it may be interesting as to brighten your home to provide that information to buyers.

I'll add my favorites to keep track of your site.

Best regards
bernardo said ...
Thank you Celine

In fact, I already have a domain name (. Com) to be active when my site is finished.
I am trying to redo the banner (in a fully professional)
I redial the homepage (also pro
I modify the photos etc. ...
I put the site online ( when all these will be resolved about bp for December 7 ...

best regards
gazouilli said ...

Interesting this miracle product! But you do not explain the dosage, instructions and cons-indications.

Otherwise, I think like others.

gazouilli of
bernardo said ...
Thank you Gazouilli

Dosage = manual. Click in the category strength, dosage being reserved for medical vocabulary ... be cautious

Best regards
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