Your opinion please
voila, I have finished .... I finished my site
quesque you think?
thank you to all
Author : asmalto
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Creation : 2009-10-20
philippe said ...
hello to you
well your site, I like the original document to go collect the parcel directly
nothing to say about your scriptures your explanation, very pro has my taste, bravo
good continuation
Soon you have your turn to make me comment on both my site?
thank you in advance
François said ...
Finally a site nice and catchy!
Hello to our friends in Algiers.
Nico said ...
Hi Philippe,

Your site is great. Bravo.
I am doing mine in the field of motorcycle and motorcycle accessories.
Would you be ok for a link exchange?
philippe said ...
hello nico
no problem
I am rather biker and I love everything that this door has the Moton, then send me your logo and I put on my two site
no problem and with great pleasure
I leave my mail
see you
asmalto said ...

Thank you for your opinion ...
Greetings Philip, I like your site .. plus black and white, I find it original.
I hope that we will enjoy success.

Béa said ...
Finally a boutique original bravo Philippe is as I love them!

cons by something that I do not understand why your banners as well as Nico are in jpg over 40kb, so that may have only save gif max 20 mb

thank you for this additional info and good evening
philippe said ...
Hello bea and thank you for the compliment that makes me very happy because after much time pass over my shop is always very pleasant to listen to say that.
for my banner she 25.1ko and jpg
is the requested format when I made the request
So no problem
it is less than a certain weight, but it must be the right size
that's all I can tell you any
you have an address to go take a look at your shop?
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