Your opinion please
Thank you for giving me your opinion on my site ... a lot of hits but few sales
I am a little discouraged.
thank you
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Creation : 2010-06-29
NWA said ...

url? thank you
enviede said ...
koumy said ...

You suffer from the competition on the net and shops .... what you do today is a mere banality of sudden ... rivalries ....
Anonymous said ...
Hello, you've already put a post walk seek advice
Let me just tell you that it is as kumiss (yet) lingerie and everything that follows. There are too many on the internet, people no longer go to the sites most popular. I do not know how you (general you I am not talking to you personally) vendor lingerie, new shops, you get to save your life. Unless you have the stands, and make meetings and again.

The competition is very tough and therefore you will have to arm yourself with patience, upload pretty things and find the little more than others not.

Full of courage,
Anonymous said ...
hello, as stated by previous post too commonplace, too much competition and too low prices ....

I just want a category for sex toys and I can say that about only 5% of my customers buy in this category.

I was in the lingerie before but after I changed a failure domain and converted myself in my passion ...

Good luck to you!
Céline D. said ...
Personally, I have a class lingerie in my shop and the observation well and the same: very few sales in this area.
Anonymous said ...
The laundry is done on the net, do not address them and then make the luxury lingerie that, yes it works.

Too, too many site on the net can not even look over
Anonymous said ...
Hello, very interresting forum but disheartening to learn that a lingerie shop is uneconomic! the opening of my shop earlier this week ... in lingerie and various categories that I will add day after day .... then that I converted here after the sale on the markets ... you say that SEO spam problem for google indexing if ??!!! THAT IS WHAT IS C? CORDIALLY
Anonymous said ...
pretty good continuation of your site
Anonymous said ...
Not that it is not profitable, there are too many on the internet. The luxury lingerie market very well but prices remain high although
Sites where lingerie base even at very low prices offered, I do not know how they do for a living.
Competition in this area is very very hard. Type lingerie and you will find on the net ...
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