Your opinion please
After lots of work, my shop took shape. I await your album with impatience. Do not hesitate, criticism is always constructive and allows progress.
Thank you in advance.
Author : Pitoufo
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Creation : 2010-02-27
Patricia said ...

Your site is very nice, clear well done
For my part I have no particular comment to make except that I would appreciate also see some crafts from Peru, and I love Peruvian music, when I see groups on the markets, I 'm will install for hours to listen

Good continuation
Pitoufo said ...
Hello Patricia,
Thank you for your message. Regarding the crafts of Peru, I'll add later. I first wanted to ensure with the sweaters, so I asked a lot of work. I think first complete with wall wool carpet very nice and other items following ...
Peruvian music is always a feast for the ears.
Good continuation.
Anonymous said ...
HELLO I personally do not like the n in each remarue descritas you receive the item photographed not very pro
such as sizing reference for the vests bof bof they cut a little more than the indication in these cases note that the size directly corresponds

m I said I sell underwear sometimes certain products are marked size 38 and after measuring my part, I perceive that m c is the 34 in these cases in my options I note that size 34 is the real size

Otherwise I think your idea of fun and frankly j adore vests for children c is the 3rd year that my daughter is so I do think an order with you for the next winter
Pitoufo said ...
Hello Anonymous,
Thank you for your comments. I think the statement you receive the item photographed, made to reassure can backfire. I've written because each pull is different, the reasons are never identical, it makes me photographing unit.
For sizes, manufacturing in Peru is artisanal, nevertheless your point is correct, inaccuracies may bring concerns to the buyer.
I think I'll change the narrative.
Thank you for your message. Best regards.
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