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Author : FL14
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Creation : 2010-02-22
mariedu13 said ...
I like your site, it is clear, clean, and you have beautiful original articles.
home page is nice.
good continuation
Anonymous said ...

I am a graphic designer for my part, I can not find the site very catchy, the buttons on the left should be put in upper case text because it is not very visible, then the green and not great header but also it remains my opinion it is a pity because the items are very beautiful, but we need the client hangs at the home page and I have not hooked.

Sorry for the spelling I'm an American I am recently in France.
Anonymous said ...

Very nice development articles, cons by the color green, not good for me.
Good luck.
chouette06 said ...

I found your site very much and your home page attracts the eye.

It is true that I either green does not attract me but this is only my taste and perhaps not that of others,

I wish you good sales
Ambre said ...
good evening,
For my part, as it is designed as a shop, I expect something pro at first glance, and w 3 in the top level of the header ... it is M.FL14 not beautiful ... the light behind, not really I hang it, and it especially wrong with the English green that you chose cons ... by what you sell is really nice, and fits well with the 'Wait a boutique design.
Hoping not to be offended ..
best regards,
FL14 said ...
Thank you to all for your comments. For others, please give me your opinion.
Patricia said ...
Good evening,

Very nice article but I agree a little what was said earlier in the colors of your site, I found too dark and green colors behind sections (rectangles on home page) are supported too and do not put them value by cons see as the second small photo at the bottom of the page is nice, the softer shades would want to stay on your site and discover all these wonderful articles
but this is of course my personal opinion

Good continuation
Cathy said ...
Hi, frankly your shop !!!!, I joke I find you well done and has lovely items, I wish you good continuation.Cathy
FL14 said ...
Thank you Cathy
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