Your opinion please

I would like to have your opinion on my shop please
Thank you to all.
Author : jerome
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Creation : 2010-02-12
Magali said ...

Your site is nice and clear.
For cons, I think the red background hinders reading your essay. And the heading command is not very useful, it is sufficient to note the conditions of sale.

Good continuation.
Christelle said ...

for general conditions of sale are the scriptures on each other

payment assistance and such

Writing on the black homepage too tight and it hurts the eyes

point problems on the FAQ page

removes the page link because there is the same script that everyone has when you start to create a site KingEshop and it is not serious

Policy privacy aligns

and for entry to each page there is a comment that did not especially need to be commented since you inform

Here I found your cool site good luck

:) Christelle
christelle said ...
sorry for spelling errors:)
Daniel said ...
To me have the price I perturbe.Ils are really very low and there is no incentive to buy (it's a personal opinion).
I wonder what good reporting a ring or other sales.
These are small streams make big rivers but the streams in order to grow, to be generous (at least for one who creates).
A tower on the sites front page of your product family will make you a good comparison. For the presentation as well (can not find that bad for a start.
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