Your opinion please
I'd like your opinion on my shop

I am the creation so do not finish everything, but I'd like your opinion
order to improve it if so ...

thank you
Author : Eric
Readings : 373
Creation : 2010-02-07
Anonymous said ...
Actually not quite finished but it is rather clear, simple, effective.
I advise you to customize your pages for me as a customer, I like browsing through a unique site with a personal style ... To me your site is a little too clean but as you have none at the beginning is normal!

Good continuation!
Agnes said ...
Why are they your prices in Canadian dollars? It would also that you put your money in euros. It would be easier for European buyers.

romy said ...
Hi, totally agree with Agnes, he lacks a little originality, but it seems well designed to sell. you have very detailed products. with ex wiikey2 map, which by the way am interested ... you should think about people like me that lights and plays only with their Wii. where we put the chip would be a useful item!?!

Good sales
Eric said ...
Thank you for your commantaire, keep it very useful
with respect to the euro that will come
but I said how my two currencies at the same time
Anonymous said ...
Why in the forums and sites Are there so many misspellings?
chouette06 said ...

Your site is not finished yet but I think it is overall. It is loud and clear and I appreciate.

By cons, Agnes same question, why display prices in Canadian dollars? In my opinion you should do the euro conversion.

I wish you a good continuation,
Anonymous said ...

By being in Canada I find it normal that Eric displays prices in dollars, we show France is in euros and not in each currency
is my opinion

Eric Otherwise I found your site very pleasing to watch
Bonne continuation
Best regards
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