Your opinion on my website and my articles?
Hello I have an opinion on outside my shop (I can not judge myself).

Author : Anonyme62
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Creation : 2010-03-21
Anonymous said ...
very nice your site, the pictures are neat.
good continuation
Anonymous said ...
Thank you to you I had read and reread I missed out on the fault.

Good luck to you also.
Anonymous said ...
he has good chance that there have also in my own site! we end up not seeing them.
have you any tips to be referenced, it was great for you?

my site if you want to take a look, and there may be correct mistakes.

good continuation
christel said ...
it's me again, I saw that you were several commerce sites is that it pays?
actually ... it's probably the pub, am I stupid?
Anonyme62 said ...
I'll see your site soon but first I want to answer your questions about the sites where my shop is not all they are free, they are in fact specialized directories or general, it is sufficient for you to fill out a form sometimes little tedious sometimes Beugue then you have almost finished your description but it takes patience! it generates a little traffic but it is not miraculous, again I am a very competitive industry so hard to stand out but we must persevere!

See you soon
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