Your opinion on my site thank you

After months of effort to get a professional looking site, I opened my site to the public and started my first pub in May To date, I have a sale for 244 visits. I am rather disappointed. I know that one should not expect miracles, be patient and much work ... I certainly do question myself. What do you think of my site

Thank you in advance for your constructive responses
Author : Angel'in
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Creation : 2010-05-13
Mylène said ...
pretty simple and fairly comprehensive site.
I think we need some pictures are taken with the light outside, I had the same problems with photos taken in and not terrible it is incomparable with direct natural light.
Otherwise I do not see why the site would not work, maybe do indicates there are not enough of what we see Elsewhere?
Especially if there are many visits is that advertising works very well so the concern is Elsewhere in referencing.
Good continuation
Anonymous said ...
I found the home page of your site very nice and elegant. products are well presented.

The only problem is there are so many costume jewelry site that is difficult to place. But courage, we must persevere.

I'm in the same case as you, but no sales visits (you have one is better), I sell clothes and the fact that I do for you is the same for me.

Delphine said ...

Very nice home page, it is pro, I love

I'm the same opinion as Anonymous (christel), there are plenty of jewelry shop is an area a little clogged up to you to take your place.

It's true that pictures of jewelry, chain necklaces and anklets are a bit dark in contrast to that of earrings. The pictures are fuzzy chains of size, it is unfortunate

Except this little problem of pictures, I find it perfect (or almost because nothing is perfect).

Already you have sales so it's a good sign, personally I sell more on eBay than on my shop.

Good sales in any case:)

Vanessa77 said ...

Very nice site, gives me the impression of dealing with a professional, inspires confidence. Go on, do not despair, too, tours but no sale (on site)?!

Angel'in said ...
Thank you I feel reassured ...

It is true that when you hear the media say that online sales still grew 20% this year despite the economic crisis., We say that with a good ad that will explode at once ( I was also afraid to do too much and not fast enough to meet demand). I think people are still reluctant to buy on sites yet unknown or little known.

Tough but we believe ...

Mimischka, I note for the photos ...

Good sales for you

bobyes said ...

Your site is very nice.
However, if I am not mistaken, I have never seen anyone like N, no name ... Not only in legal terms it seems mandatory (as individual), but as a potential buyer I can ask questions ... Who am I to do? ... If there is a problem, I call that? ... Etc ...
Why not make a page with, even briefly, you and your company?

Géraldine said ...

Your site is very nice.
However, if I am not mistaken, I have never seen anyone like N, no name ... Not Good evening,

I found your site a lot!

The only thing is that we do not see many details of the reasons for such chains ankles!

Céline D. said ...
For my part, I find that your homepage does not hang at all.

The site black with pink logo, an eye that is watching a pretty girl can not see the jewels, the pictures are not aligned, small words written on a diagonal ... Finally all that for me it does not pro.

My opinion is that you should rethink the color scheme of your site and the layout of your homepage.

I hope you do not have too many face in giving you my opinion.
In any event, I wish you a good continuation.

PatrickF said ...
Two critical things from me to improve in your site:
- Product description
Outlawing = value judgments such superb set of ... we realize that you do not want to sell some bad things ... and instead give the dimensions, materials, weight, etc. to be perceived that the quality of products.
- Images (Large)
= Same as above objective, taking pictures in close-up (or macro). Since it is possible to put a large photo, make a montage with several views on the same image.

With this type of products are targeting the impulse buy! they must feel.
It'sa lot of work, but Paris was not built in one day ... as they say.
The overall look of your site and quite well and quite suitable for classroom and products.
Good luck.
Anonymous said ...

well you see everything is a matter of taste. For certain your home is nice for others to review!
It's hard to know what to do!
in any case made the choice that suits you best.
I am one of those loves.
Angel'in said ...
Thank you for all your good and bad reviews.
It is the purpose of my request to improve.

Good continuation to all of you
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