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What do you think of my homepage and my site in general?
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Author : SergeD
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Creation : 2010-05-28
lahry said ...
changes the color but a color that reflects the prestige class the high range for the purple product clientèle baby blue has also not put on shows ...!
Mylène said ...

As Lahry I would say that this lack of prestige, the presentation does not sufficiently promote your products, red does not match your header and the couple who bisouille bof especially since the head is cut sir.
We must value a bit more even if you have items at low prices.
Otherwise the rest is pretty good and much better at the start, you have come a long way.
Fair sales to you.
SergeD said ...
Lahry thank you, thank you Mylene, your wise counsel helped me to move on, if you take a look at my site you'll find that I have considered your comments, I removed the purple, red, no blue I changed the header waiting to make my own personal, and I'll rework all the photos and layout, thank you again because you are the only ones to give constructive notice and often followed. digress, there are many people on this forum asking for help but do not even take the trouble of saying thank you.
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