Your opinion on my site

I created my site with my own domain name, and would appreciate your opinion.
Here is the website name:

Thanking you in advance


C. Pons
Author : c.pons
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Creation : 2011-02-21
C.PONS said ...
The person who just let me advice on my site the bazaar coconut, I read your opinion, and yes I sell paintings and the tastes and colors are not identical for everyone. The least polite and do not sign anonymously.
Emma said ...
Good evening,

Your site is not bad for a start, there is the banner that shocks me a little, he would need a simple banner.

Good luck

C.PONS said ...

Thank you Emma. I'll see what I can do for the banner.

C. Pons
Anony Mouse said ...
Your home page has a large empty space at the bottom, in the FAQ we talk about it here:

Logo Best of the Web has no place on the home page, this is not a blog or a personal website and no one will vote for you ;-)
The goal is to sell, nothing prevents you from using the static page LINKS to put this logo.
Almost the same for Facebook, put the logo a bit to the right, it will show a little about your home.
Apart from paintings, photos on a black background should be better aligned and have the same dimensions, and a homogeneous vertical separation, although the site is called the bazaar, you do not have to have a presentation bazaar ;-)
The dimensions and text colors should be consistent.
I often read that it is advisable not to turn the empty categories. Personally, it depends:
- If these categories will remain empty until a few days (4 weeks), do not disable them, Google will index initially these pages and return regularly until you fill them.
- If these categories will remain empty more than 1 month, disable them, because to force board, search engines will not return to explore it.
To avoid potential customer frustration, the category must have at least one section empty, just the text style on sale soon ... (Prices and stock 0 0)

In the Review section, do not view irrelevant, there is one that says why it was blocked! AND also ask your customers not to leave their email (in red bold).
I think your lack legal info, I'm not in France, but at home you should see a bunch of numbers (CNIL, SIRET, SIREN, VAT, ..) and you must show your return policy.

Do not respond to critics who do not like your pictures, either by email or on this forum is a waste of time and energy.

Good sales
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