Your opinion on my site
I just created a site for a new unit and would appreciate your opinion.
I'm not an expert in creating websites.
Thank you advise me if you wish.
Since the traffic on a site affects the positioning, even a little, it'd be nice if we consult the websites of people who have a site KingEshop.
My site is
Thank you!
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Creation : 2011-02-28
Gabrielle said ...

Since you have only one product to sell, I'm not sure King E Shop is the right site creator you need, but accept that you use good one,

1. I think that your pages are sober, it feels good,

2. Product name: bof

3. The site name: bof

4. To not annoy the viewer I think it must quickly make a presentation of your product immediately below: and you suffer! I could see a picture or photo of the product.

5. All the following information (what are the statistics on back pain Why do we suffer back and neck? The causes of back pain and neck. Etc.) are proposed in a separate section.

6. Subsection How it works is to trace in detail the product.

7. A video explanation would be welcome when you click on the product name in the left column.

8. In the retail product, under Options: unique seems unnecessary, since there is no choice.

7. Refine your different texts: capital letters, spacing missing here and there. Heading SERVICES either be written or deleted. At the end of the page Your text here is to remove.

That :-)
Soulaged said ...
Thank you gabrielle

Thank you very much for your advice.

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