Your opinion on my site
Hello everyone could you give me your opinion on my site and know how to do it thank you in advance.
Author : primeur
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Creation : 2010-12-10
Anonymous said ...
1 on your homepage you put counsel 0.75ct kilo and when you go to your category it has 0.75ct parts are not a lawyer 1kg !!!!!
2 no number siret
3 Your contact your email address incorrectly positioned
4 FAQ vacuum
5 service??
6 clients??
7 no sales conditions
May 8 euros postage for a lawyer (very expensive)
9 that there Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur can you buy because there are no other region
here I'll stop as it's been quite a lot to do
but I think it must have something else wrong
primeur said ...
thank you for your reply

1) I actually change to the Advocate
2) the number siret I have not yet received it should not delay
3) it has been amended
4), 5), 6), 7) is in court
8) actually 5 euros for shipping to an attorney does more than its very expensive but just between who is a lawyer and two rare site does not handle multiple method of shipping otherwise I would have a shipping cost depending on distance for I book. (Unless it's me who do not know in this case aid would appreciate).
actually it only wanted the PACA region is available as for fruit and vegetable is a transportation under refrigerated vehicle and if I must go deliver a single lawyer until 8217; in Lyon will be his expensive postage costs.

Once again thank you it helps me improve my site and these defects.
if the other wanted to tell it will be with pleasure that I accept the criticism
Emma said ...
Goodnight primeur

First you will have a hard sell. Question of freshness and transportation
You do not specify conditions for fruit sales (units, kg). You understand that the customer does not order an apple or a potato.
It is highly regulated especially for food

Anonymous said ...
Indeed if the prices are correct site is more a local destination. Who would buy carrots to receive them by mail. It's fun and a very good idea. There are already sites in this area which producers sell their products directly instead of being trapped by resellers. Go on, make the sale by providing local delivery to home by yourself and you'll have more luck. Already buy your domain name, your address is too long. Go 1 and 5 you have a domain name immediate en you pay online or wait until you receive an invoice in your email you will have 10 days to send your check or make your payment. More difficulty if they have a redirection service high quality technical and friendly with non-premium number to assist you. These are the best that I know and also it cheaper. Go ahead and good luck.
SergeD said ...
I will not repeat what has been said before, your site is very cool very cool, it is imperative that you notify your customers that you deliver on the PACA region, on your home page, question honnêtée so it does not command only to find they have wasted their time.

Anonymous said ...
I think next to this store you should also sell on the market to let you know by the locals! Finally you may be doing it already!
Regarding prices, it is also cheaper than in my scoop:)
Anonymous said ...
thank you in advance for your reply.
for what is the price down a bit near 10 to 20 cents will be made on most products.

if I start a question with reference my website if j 8217; buys a domain name is what the actual link will always work or not?

thank you in advance thanks to an agreement that I have concluded I will be able to sell new product for Christmas and New Year in style shrimp, lobster, whelks, salmon, oysters ....
primeur said ...
Good evening,

I wonder if I take a domain name is what my current address will still work or not?
KingEshop said ...
Hi Primeur,

When you take your own domain name, your old domain name (with KingEshop in the name) no longer exists. You must take your SEO from the beginning but you gain credibility with your customers.

If you want to get your own domain name, please follow this FAQ very carefully :


KingEshop Team.
André said ...
Your site actually work. For your domain name I recommend the recorder 1et1 com or less than 5 euros you will have your domain name and the competence of their technical service for redirection if you need. Home phone no surcharge and quality. We must say it is and when it does.
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