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Author : ABDEL
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Creation : 2009-12-08
abbdel said ...
I really need objective point of view on my site ...
Anonymous said ...
without further 8 days minimum delivery is too much and customers understand immediately that you don t have stock then passes their way because they automatically know that in case of exchange they will wait another 10 days and people No not like to wait
abbdel said ...
thank you for your comment I will review it soon
Aurore said ...
Abbdel Hello, I found your site very much. By cons, it lacks the sexy lingerie. That said you can look inside leg avenue, they do drop shipping.

I have a small question on your videos, how did you incorporate on your site?

I thank you,

Anonymous said ...
Your prices are a 0
of spelling error also in your article name ex / fuilde instead of fluid
the password if I order my total is 0
how do I know the price of the item?
abbdel said ...
Hi Aurore thank you for your com cé how the drop shipping? For his video was pretty complicated and long but jai found a notice in the FAQ that discuss the video I do not find it necessary to register on you tube there SUBMIT video then resume thanks to a heading that says uh insert your video on a website and you will echo for thee and thou but one of the tee image url holala I hope that its gonna go is rather complicated good evening
KingEshop said ...
Hi Aurore,

Here is the FAQ in question :


KingEshop Team.
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