Your opinion on my site
would like your opinion on my site!
Thank you.
Author : Alizé.K
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Creation : 2009-10-18
Jenny said ...
Uh first observation there is not enough categories unfortunately nothing that the first glance can scare a client

personally an empty site does not give me want to continue but may be you're running to create descategories d add products

your sentence In addition we offer several choices for the delivery!
well I found a bit clumsy c is cool to the offer in addition chronopost colissimo but it may be necessary to find another hook

Your site is cool to the idea it's just a matter of detail

I love the picture of the Home page by cons

well yes I will not say that the negative

good luck to you
LOLA said ...
already the name is reversible, but is disappointed by the cool color of the Home: one must mention the Polynesia with warm colors and exotic atmosphere ... Instead of a card that everybody knows, put romantic pictures and talk about culture.
We look forward to the local handicrafts;)
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