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Good evening everyone
It's 16 days I have my site online, I have a few visits (an average 4 per day) but no sale! Certainly there are mistakes I made, things I need to change? ??
I will wish that some and some looking at my site:, and give me their opinion. tell me what's wrong.
I am ready to do the same for people that ask me that.
In advance, thank you
Author : Liana
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Creation : 2010-07-12
SergeD said ...
At first glance your header and your home are nice, unless your designs are original, I find them a bit expensive (30 euros for a tank top)
Professionally, he'll have to create topics, modes of payment, your Terms, your declaration to the CNIL site requires that you reduce your background and your photos so that these items appear on the right side of your home, N ' Do not hesitate to put a welcome text and layout of your shop, so that your customers understand your niche products is very good for SEO Search Engine, I think you also working on listing in Choose your keywords, your site is not ranked on ALEXA, to help you read the articles that KES is very helpful.
Good luck, good sales

Céline D. said ...
Good evening

Your banner page is very successful.

Small note: In the retail product, the miniature front and back in the big picture, it is frankly not pleasant.
Mounting with the duplex in the same picture for product sheets and your thumbnails gallery.
That's my advice.

The rest has already been said.

Delf said ...

I see you suggest items in different colors but we do not have access to these colors.
Done more product sheets.
It is already difficult to buy on the internet because we do not see the clothes, we can not try but if more, we do not see each color.

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
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