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Hello everyone,
I created my site 15 days ago, I have not finished creating my products, I want your opinion, even severe on the layout, the categories in the end everything that will allow me to me improve, thank you for your cooperation. A big thank you to Kingeshop for his valuable advice.

Author : lulouetcie
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Creation : 2010-04-29
chouette06 said ...

Personally I do not really like things that shine and move to a site but this is just my opinion. At home there is no text.

I have not seen your and your cnil No No siret is not too visible.

Your GTC overlap the right menu. You should justify your paragraphs and ventilate a little while.

You announcements fdp Free home page, but when you read the section that is not quite the case.

Of course, this is just my opinion.
I found your cool site, I like when its shine
was true but it depends on the tastes of everyone
good sale

lulouetcie said ...
thank you chouette06, indeed I am improving GCS and shipping costs are not very clear to the home page I will wait for further notice, between men and women are different tastes

Thank you
lulouetcie said ...
Christelle thank you for your opinion of women, because they have a different eye than men, if you have other ideas include products not hesitate, I saw your site and I also really nice, but I know nothing about riding

Thank you
Mylène said ...
I think the homepage is not professional at all, Arobases? who are there for no reason too do gloss over and watch everything grow and then shrink that it does not seriously.
The header is really not appropriate, you'd get on a site a little IRONMONGER and I do not think this is the image you want to give.
View larger sites never will you find the presentation and you will really lose customers with this, remember that a customer has only a few seconds to attach and want to browse the rest.
We do not find the CNIL n compulsory.
The rest is very consistent in terms of value for money and show you the potential even if there is currently little articles.
Get inspired by others, will watch the competition and then edit your site.
Nothing is lost but on the contrary you have a bit of work ahead.
I prefer to be left free to appear killjoys because I find it unfortunate that people who are motivated and serious as you can to maximize their potential sales because of important details.
Fair sales will you.
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
I am a bit of notice is particularly chouette06.Moi watches that move, that bothers me, and a bit too much @.
Patricia said ...
Good evening

Too bad there have all these gifs, I think the header site alone (with the golden gif) could make the site beautiful, it just has to see the pages or sections GTC Only with the gif in the header is nice, except watches and the moving gif page host removes the charm

why so many watches home page, without text and no jewelry? you do not sell watches but as your home page is suggesting at first glance

There is the blurring of postage, we do not quite understand if it's free or not even 29, people who do not understand they call you to know and not necessarily emerge from the site without them may be back there much competition in this field, your page must hang

All this is of course my personal opinion

Good continuation
LulouetCie said ...
A big thank you to all those who gave an objective opinion on my website it is clear that I really work, but I think I have pretty advanced on the homepage by removing all the bling side bling.
thank you again, and feel free to send me your comments on the evolution

Sincerely LulouetCie
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