Your opinion on my site
I need your impressions on my site, since it is online I had no sales, something must block the client but what?
Author : steph
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Creation : 2010-03-24
Lpdm said ...
Hi Steph,

I just go and see your site the first thing that jumped to my eyes is that there are no topics such as payment, delivery, shipping, general conditions of sales , no number siret either.

In the photos it is not enough detail, it is a personal opinion.

Good luck Steph.
Mylène said ...
Good evening,
Not your siret n, any business must be declared.
Your conditions of sale are not as vodre address is required.
You have no right to propose reasons for the brand Louis Vuitton or Burberry without the recent pain of having a complaint of fraudulent use and counterfeiting.
You have lots of empty pages should be either complete or remove.
In the services page there are misspellings and wording used does not put enough value in what you are doing is damage.
Otherwise all is bright and airy and full of promise.
You remind me of me ;-) I was also a beautician.
You have the potential I like your creations, some adjustments and you have a super site.
I wish you good luck.
Good continuation.
Polynesia said ...

I find your original site and well explained but it lacks a few items, you can make on the subject of jewelry, or links to interesting site related to your business.
Some pictures are slightly dark or blurry.

I wish you good continuation!

chouette06 said ...
Good evening,

Your home is not unpleasant. The only thing I changed is the turn gray as you put around Welcome ....... Some creations and ........... This color is wrong with the rest of your site.

You have no GCS, or siret or cnil, neither your name nor n telepone finally nothing to identify you. Frankly, would you go buy a site with no coordinated? Not me!

You left all the static pages active when they are empty (except privacy, and yet you did not even said no to your phone you left crosses !!!), it is neither serious nor site completed !

That's my opinion that blocks your customers, besides the sites there was a car.

I hope that you will not take my criticism as evil is to help you,

Good evening

Marie Ange
steph said ...
Thank you all for your comments, I do not at all bad reviews on the contrary, because I did not even view the contact section etc. .. all that was young, shame on me ... I understand why people do not buy it actually suggests full of negative things .. so thank you to you anyway! I'll edit it all, good continuation for you and good sales!
steph said ...
it is I changed everything I suggested, what do you do now?
jacques said ...
It's already better, but gradually added items.

For shipping precise 2euros do for metropolitan France only, or the overseas territories too???
If I order from you this is not very clear to me.
chouette06 said ...
Hello Steph,

Corrected is actually better already. In addition to what Jacques suggest you see that I still miss your siret and your GTC! Does your business is declared? If not be careful!

Good day,
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