Your opinion on my site
Before going further in the drafting of sections etc. I wanted to know your opinion on my shop .. what do you most sincerely?
I am far from finished, but I needed a little encouragement (...)!
Thank you in advance for your thoughts
He also remains to me a serious look at the SEO for if I type my address on google I do not appear!
Here is my shop
thank you and good week!
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Creation : 2010-03-08
Céline D. said ...
The cgv seem to be those of someone else ... and anywhere you indicate your references pro.

The green color of the shop is not really suited to what you sell.

The animated gif ''Bienvenue'' is more reminiscent of the anim personal page.

Your description tag is a set of keywords instead of a true description.

Your keywords tag is poorly punctuated and has several typographical errors.

Think about the security of your goods.

The homepage is not catchy enough.

So much for my opinion.

Good continuation.
Marie-P said ...

The welcome at the top left is too dull and the color is something in brown or coffee can be.
The picture detail is blurred.
Apparently you made a cut and paste the GCS must retype the text and change the name because the people who read this will pose the question: what winds this shop equipment or sexy: b
Collisimo overlaps section.
No siret?
In addition it is necessary in this text apart from other shops.

Well, sorry to be frank.
Good luck
chouette06 said ...

For a start I think your shop is not bad at all. The only thing that does not please me too is the welcome that runs in your banner. I remove it and I will make the title a little bigger, but hey this is only my opinion.

On the home page, fixes our store allows you to: allows

I wish you a good continuation,
chouette06 said ...
oops I forgot, in your GTC your text is too tight. Aerates it and stretch it on the page it will better.
Delf said ...

I said nothing about the missing items since, prior to it coming.
By cons, your products are guaranteed?
If yes, think of the state.
Especially for everything you sell is super important.
I love your products and I also dream of having more than one in what you offer.
Your homepage is a bit empty.
Watch over what you suggest.
Removes the crap on that page, there will always be a flagship product.
but rather a catchy headline with the photo, the price of a free port.
danda your style dishes as' Product of the month, week ...

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
tendanceon said ...
Thank you to you for your ideas and comments, I'll correct and try again to get better ... The products are actually any guarantees, I'll rate!
soon ...
ps: the logo is deleted welcome!
If you have further comments please ..
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