Your opinion on my site
which only very few sales on my site in relation to meetings or to my home, I'd like your opinion on this:
thank you for your comments, positive or negative, that will allow me to better reply because I can not read the responses on the forum.
thank you
Author : Chris
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Creation : 2010-01-29
Agnès said ...
Should review your home page. This is noted on the latter could be put in a category.
It would be better to put examples of jewelry.
In your classes, where products are sold, they should be removed because they are unique pieces and will not be repeated.
Here are some remarks by looking quickly.

Chris said ...
thank you for your opinion
one question, how do you put photos on the homepage? the answer may have already been given but I acknowledge that I have not read all the questions and answers forum
OK to transfer what is on the homepage in a topic but do you think that visitors will see if it is not directly on the front page?
Armelle said ...
Same comment for Agnes homepage. There are too many different information. By putting in headings. To insert the picture on the homepage, you will find explanations in the FAQ.
Beautiful jewelry!
Anthony said ...
In my opinion, a site like yours deserves a more original header, which marks the more spirits (what most pro!)

As for the photo on the homepage, it is of poor quality (pixelization) and shows I found with the products you sell. In my opinion, she will dessers and is not very seductive.

Best regards

Chris said ...
thank you Anthony
the problem is that I am making jewelry but am no computer, I can not transform photos and hacking on my computer, I am just putting my photos to date ...
sandy said ...
I found your cool site. for photos I also evil, jai download gimp is not too bad. I try to redo my photos 1 to 1.c is a job.
continued good your products are cool.
Chris said ...
thank you for your help and your valuable comments
Chris said ...
thank you to everyone for the comments. I have done some modifications, thank you for telling me so far, what you think.
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