Your opinion on my site? What do you think?
hello, I would appreciate your opinion on my site I try to do my best, but opinions are always well come to improve it. thank you in advance for replies.
Author : toysplaisir
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Creation : 2010-03-21
Anonymous said ...
Just asking is it normal that there is no link to the images of the homepage?
mimosa100 said ...
Hi toysplaisir,
I just visited your site, what concerns me is that you have no general sales conditions, which is very important for customers. You should create a category for that right of your screen.
Regarding the service, you should re-graded your phone number because customers do not necessarily go to the profile.
Regarding shipping, you should put them to the right of your screen, they are more catchy and more visible to customers.
Regarding your products in your home, I put a link on the picture to head to the products concerned for example, if customers click on the picture of vibrator, they will run on all the vibrators you proposes in your shop.
That is, if I am not a fan of his stuff there but it's still attractive, oh I forgot, you should put names below your picture, even if we see clearly what is Some customers do not necessarily know if they're beginners! lol
Good luck and good success to you
best regards
Anonymous said ...

You'll have to change some text that you customize more.
toysplaisir said ...
thank you to all for all the advice I will put in place.
mimosa100 said ...
Hello toysplaisir,
impeccable, I see you make your changes and I think it's much better;
Good continuation for you,
best regards
Tendanceon said ...
I like too, I just go see the colors are attractive,
not bad ..
may be heading in the shipping cost, aerate your text
I also do not see your SIRET number, it should be noted in your profile ...
good continuation and good sales!
boutiquemod said ...
Well your shop hot!
Its design is cool and your articles are not too expensive.
If you want to exchange links, no problem, we sell clothing fashion nice price, so our products can be further ...
Good sales and perhaps soon!
toysplaisir said ...
merci a tous
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