Your opinion on my shop
Hello everyone,

Could you please have a look in my shop and give me your opinion.
It's been seven months now that I'm working.
I can not too much to see what could be changed to improve it further.
I made sales outside the shop, but nothing on the net.
Thank you in advance for your help.
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Creation : 2011-04-22
ilovemode said ...

I love the colors of your page, and the contact form, bright colors, sharp images, pretty well organized framework, a brief overview that tells us who owns the site.

Details on delivery are easy to use, the GTC also.

* Perhaps it would be better off for the moment the new static page
* review perhaps the text alignment in GCS

It is a pleasant site, with beautiful designs, admittedly substantial price for certain items, but this request, I suppose, many hours of work, like many creations.

Good luck and good day.
Renée said ...

thank you for your comments, it's nice to have an outside opinion.
I disabled the new page that I had not seen.
We spend so much time to read and reread at some point it misses things that are obvious to casual visitors.
I visited your site, I found the home page very nice, I keep the address for my next gift (I have in my family of nephews and nieces who I'm sure would love).
I wish you good sales.
André said ...
Hello, yes very good presentation, beautiful colors, the items are also very well, here we must now wait for the customer! SEO is not the easiest either.
I saw a small problem, cgv Art, 18 overlaps the title description,
and 'help ' in 3,
Good luck, good sales, André.
Renée said ...
Good evening,
André thank you for your encouragement,
I had my first sale yesterday finally!
I set up a Google AdWords campaign and 10 days since my visits tripplées and sales, while seven months since it was dead calm.
Thank you all for your advice.
Good sales and good luck.
Anonymous said ...

A comprehensive site and fun to watch! this is fun!
However review your terms and conditions that are a little messy, it's very important even if it is to achieve long is boring.
there is no quick fix to get to sell products-referencing the words money and time are the things to work all the time.

Small question: - what you've done that your shop or a webmaster because I fall back on a site created?

Good luck
Renée said ...

Woman on top thank you for your reply.
Regarding the achievement of the store I sent you an email.
I do not understand what you mean because I fall back on a site created?
Good day and good sales
Anony Mouse said ...
The reception is nice, the shop has expanded well.
There are overlaps of texts in general, in the delivery section and also around the topics (I'm using Firefox).
Territories and price of deliveries are not configured (even for France).
Otherwise, it's not the computer and it does not sell easily on the internet without doubt, we must allow time to time. One or the other for sale on the popular auction site, with creating a personal homepage, provides a profile very fast, even if sales are not concluded. Obviously it costs a little money, but using cheap products, it's still cheaper than Adwords campaign
Renée said ...
Anony Mouse thank you for your visit,
For price and delivery territories is normal shipping is free it is included in the sale price.
In terms of the sale on the popular auction site we're working on, we've already put a few items.
For Adwords campaign that costs nothing today we are still on the voucher (not for long), it is true that this has a price but the statistics speak for a week and we have multiplied thanks visits to here.
Our first sale of a visit also comes with Google AdWords.

There are still lots of work, for sure.

Thank you again for your advice.

Hi to everyone and good afternoon.
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