Your opinion on my shop
Hello everyone,

I opened my shop two months ago now, and will wish to know your opinion. Please note that I am about to add new creations online.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Author : Geraldine
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Creation : 2010-06-07
NWA said ...

giving attention to your url is: your url correct (i no umlaut).

Oulaaa first sentence I already left the site! Avoid small words! is not a salesman! Imagine Me: I sell you a day cream and I tell you I sell you a small cream low price ... It's not serious! discredits your site here from the beginning. Basically you sell the junk ... this is how a prospect will meet the one of your competitors.

Hearts are useless ... again it must be pro! This does not bring anything to your site, just as writing unconventional ...

And on what I fall: a beautiful mosaic mirror Van Gogh! Superb! But the neck bad surprise. A little too have said they expect the low end and this is the upscale, something I like, but suddenly it hangs on a purchase! This discrepancy is too large.

He really should have a homepage upscale clear, not messy, writing fairly strict standard arial.

But pity the hearts as the most creative section of the star it is too!

Looking forward to good luck, big potential site!
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