Your opinion on my shop
Like others on the forum would appreciate your opinion on my shop.
I specified that it is a pro shop during the Siret and authorization URSSAF to sell while waiting for my number.

So you find my site clear, interesting, falice to navigate?
And what should I change the level disign.

thank you in advance, I take criticism
Author : leslapinoux
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Creation : 2010-05-17
Chris said ...

I like the homepage, but I find it a bit bland, the color chosen is too pervasive. Otherwise, I think it's a mistake to put your blurb always on the home page, an image, it is not good for SEO. Otherwise, good luck!
Magali said ...

I like the home page. By cons, it is unclear the amount of postage with all the butterflies around, it might be a different color. One price, no S.

For the heading to shop in your streets, I think 'enough to shop. And it would address the shop.

Beware of spelling mistakes, do you read. There are several in the GTC. In the control (no S) for example.

It should perhaps be put lapinoux size because we do not realize.

I love the photos, they are staged, super nice.

We can not do custom orders on the site?

All this is just my opinion.

leslapinoux said ...
Chris thank you for your advice, actually I did not think referencing from the home page then to change.

Magali bcp also thank you, custom orders are possible via the contact, the price depends on the order. So I noted the errors to change the address of the shop is displayed when you click on the picture with all the info for reference on Facebook but not for those who know her BF can be hard to understand so I add notes address in seeds of scoundrels, and change the image of shipping cost.

Thank you again to you and I'll take a look at your stores
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