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I will not be original, but I like that you give me your opinion on my online store. Still lacking creations (I added little by little but it is long with photo montages!). The news pages and selling arrangements will be harmonized with the typo's homepage! I'm working!

Thank you in advance for your comments and see you soon! Kingeshop thank you again for this excellent service!
Author : Geraldine
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Creation : 2010-05-03
Vladimir said ...

Very good store but a question how did you manage to put a banner on top that is not in the list of choices???
Anonymous said ...
hello géraldine your shop is very good
how did you do to insert your own header?
did you create with photofiltre?
thank you
Good luck
leslapinoux said ...
Geraldine, your site is very well done
Delphine said ...
Hi Geraldine

I find your store very well even if at the homepage I found the text too compact and too much heart everywhere (this is matter of taste)

You forgot the s to Terms of Use

In the top of the GCS, an original presentation but is justified in doing everything you or you put everything on the left because the first section is aligned with the left while the two others are justified and fluffs a bit articles. Missing your number CNIL.

In relationships, there is the living link to the short circuit walk alone while all others are aligned.

The decorative object category is empty so it's best off waiting to fill it.

Otherwise I find your site very well presented:)

Good sales in any case

Ano-nym said ...
Very nice store! The printer selected and the little hearts are a very nice personal touch.
Three small flaws in my opinion:
- Too much text when you reach the homepage, it would be better to put photos in front and the text below or arrange the page differently for first and we see some of your products directly (remember a customer is not his idea on a shop in about 10 seconds)
- Limited choices in some categories (some even empty!). I know that as a designer is not easy to carry dozens of items in advance, so it may be necessary to group objects into fewer topics, more general (eg jewelry, decorative objects, .. .) to give an impression of showcases more satisfied because the shop is a bit empty.
- No trace of address or telephone number of such (the Contact section is used to that) which may deter some, in my opinion (s) buyers (his) because no way to contact you if problems arise. Give your address and phone number of such. puts more confidence!
Another brief comment, very personal this one: I do not really understand why you put related shops or designers who make the same sort of achievements that you (mosaic, ...). I think a blog is a nice store but it seems to me that you may lose customers who would click on your links, they prefer to find products or cheaper elsewhere and hop lost customer for you ... We never saw a mark to the pub for another brand in its stores ... I know that there is a little different since they are brand new, so unique, but there is a risk for you. The goal is to have a shop still sell no (especially since your shop should ask you nearly as much work as your creations)?
Having said so much for you, it is really nice!
Good continuation and full of sales!
AlainD said ...
Good morning.
Your site is simple but original texts by cons under the headings are illegibile (too small). Not as silly friezes between categories.
I wish you good sales.
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