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I created a new site under construction, could you give me your opinion on the graphics and layout, yet I have no product to sell, but I want to sell men's underwear and swimwear, trendy not too expensive but certainly not low range.

Thank you for your help
Author : SergeD
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Creation : 2010-07-02
Anonymous said ...
Goodnight SergeD

Personally (after it is my opinion), I do not like the home page. I would not put this kind of close-up shots especially the right one. A human body is beautiful but the picture of the boxer, sorry but for me it does not suit me.

Put photos ok but more in the spirit of the left photo, more subjective.

Another site of underwear, I need to feed it well because there are too many on the internet. Competition is terrible in this area.

Good luck for the future,
nwa said ...
Good start! black on certain site is class: the case for you! For better SEO I recommend you save: boxers men in your left column and repeat the keyword in the title of your articles like tight boxers men by finding alternatives like this.
SergeD said ...
Thank you for your criticism, I have already corrected this on the categories and when I returned from other articles I would do the same on the items, so may be another site on the underwear, but the problem of leaders is that practice of excessive margins, often long delays and inflated shipping costs.
I will reduce the photos home, I understand that this may offend.
Thank you again.
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