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hello all, I opened my site yesterday and I already have a command I am delighted but I am against a reference on scarves for a friend and since it is not declared is better to remove ?

thank you all
Author : atoutfemini
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Creation : 2009-10-17
Delphine said ...

congratulations on your sale.

My, it does not pro redirecting a blog. And if it is not declared, it is not terrible either.
In addition, you're out of your customers shop.
Better to limit, to link directly into your products
Céline D. said ...
Frankly, if thou art in good standing, you can sell.
After fix you need for your girlfriend in your accounts everything is perfect.
Marie said ...
the site is well presented but beware of texts: the small and big hairy hairy is just too shocking and it breaks your product! must create items to be referenced on Google ...
We must be vigilant about the meaning of words and what they suggest: visitors collide on;)
atoutfemini said ...
yes more these scarves is it called like that

yes I saw the topics I intend to do later in the evening
So in fact you are right it is not a pro and two is super risky for her ...

In any case thank you for your answers here I am a 27 euro sales using the web site yesterday I am delighted
LAD said ...
Hi, how did you redirect to the detail of scarves to the blog of your friend? Thank you (under construction)
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