Your opinion is dear

Not to be original, I wanted to get outside opinions on my shop as a whole.

open to all criticism, good or bad.

thank you.

Author : Vtu2noir
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Creation : 2010-05-02
koumy said ...

Your site are eerily similar to another designer who made hats and bags and it therefore has the same default: The brightness of your objects and your photos!

You want to sell or not ... and that is you, you buy on your site ....?

1-D'abord, unless my computer kidding .... I think that your home is EMPTY!!

2 - Your top is very pretty and very well chosen!!

3 - phone Category: again without the wall that is really disgusting and no fun at all;
you know there is what we call outside that offers you a FREE full brightness that you will not have to work again with any software .... yes yes OUTSIDE

4 - take your picture more closely and you do not need sophisticated camera'un even a good cell phone is fine believe me!

I think there is not much to say ..... all the rest require more light .... your products seem cool and original ..... but you be commentpourrait buy ..... DO SEE NOTHING!!

GOOD ..... will you take up photos as soon as possible and come back to show us the result which I am sure will SURPRISING FOR LIGHT !!!!!
Right now the weather is nice and bright .... care benefits should not be too much sun, you juice a good daylight photos more closely.

A while ago, so I'll wait if you come back ...
Mylène said ...
I found the site a little mess aspect, bone necklaces, distributor, cd covers mobile phone with a header that contains jewelry.
We do not know very well or it happens, the homepage is not very nice, no text.
Few products with pictures by not always clear highlight the items is damage.
Perspective on price is not expensive arch is said that this does not really want to buy with the environment around.
I think we should rework the catchy side of the homepage with a better visual.
Vtunoir said ...
thank you for your answers, uh I know about the photos is not great because I had just put them in small announcement before finding this site.

for the home page white is normal I spend the night in the remake it is finished you tell me the news.

if not for the pictures that I have a little time I will ever AC, and if so the category had counted again so that we know better or they will be more clear in the titles.

If there is other critics hesitate especially.


vtu2noir said ...
hello, after listening to your valuable advice and after a fierce battle to take pictures and spend hours doing my new store fixtures are back.

In your criticism.
thank you.


Erzsébet said ...

Your site is nice but too little color for your home flach .. The pictures are clear but the descritpions sometimes a little too simple .. May be he should argue your objects?
A section or two to give more people the desire to know more ..

Otherwise you can be pleased with you and your evolution ..

I too am Kingshop for a while and I also have opinions on my online store .. also know what is wrong or what is better ..

Thank you and good continuation
souzoune said ...
Hello! Vtu2noir I personally find the header of your store super! your home page made me want to go rummaging in his rays. and I love the little ones guss on your static pages, especially the one in your profile: who we are.
if the marketing side is not really my department, I can not allow myself to judge your shop because I already galley on the same topic to mine. Follow the advice of Koumi, and you'll move for sure!

François B said ...
the latest version of the homepage (green) is better but not necessarily very readable. I know that when you are a freelancer and not graphic it is difficult to create a consistent and pro ...

Another point: the photos (also valid for souzoune and many shops king) fuzzy, poorly framed or taken with a substance without serving the interests and products do not really want to buy (it's better net photographs, taken with a tripod at 20 Euros, against a plain background, preferably white).

Good luck to all
souzoune said ...
you're right Francis B, enhancement of photos that does everything. A potential customer will never blindly buy an item on which the photo does not show details, especially as c'e is a virtual shop and there is no way try the product in question before buying.

I work on this subject at this point, some forum members were right to open my eyes on this very important, therefore vtu2noir, I think you should take seriously what you said Francois B, and join me , you get to work to improve the presentation of your products
vtu2noir said ...
I spend my whole day and night non-stop to regain my photos on a plain background and white for sharpening photos, I work with pro gear, which opens a reflex objos 1.8 (for the connoisseur) I really see not what I can do better, I will be reorganized all my photos to make it presentable and then framed Francois I want far more accurately because I confess to be lost.

thank you.
vtu2noir said ...
No inspiration?
vtu2noir said ...
I can restart the topic I feel stagnant, I would like to have the opinions of kumiss and french and many others still.

thank you to everyone
Anonymous said ...
hello vetu2noir,

Personally I love the piercing (navel), but I did not find my taste, maybe in the future you will be in the other,

Store your green background, I like this young lol

if not can you tell me how did you manage to get your custom header.
Thank you
vtu2noir said ...
Hello anonymous

So for the custom header if you talk about the banner I am creating myself and I ask kingeshop me put it cost you 12 a year.
AC is good but personal tax is still less preformatted. Finally I see like this.

except to the home page is like a big picture I'm editing and then after amuses you to make links clickable.
hours of work.

if not for the navel piercing I am going to have another full of another and different pendants with it. at least that's what I'm I inquired from various suppliers.
if not I have many piercings such language but I have not yet taken the time to sort and take a picture but it would delay.

has come from shows, new necklace, surely Keychain too. I expect my order and I will put all of this to date.

always open for your criticism.

thank you all.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Erzsébet

I went to see your site is the original clothes, ca does not fit my style, but at least you have the deserves to stand out, and I found your site very aesthetic.
by cons you should indicate in what tissues are your articles.
if I can make you a suggestion made a topic like this gallery you can put photos + large and it will better your creations.

SUNSET said ...
Pretty colors
I found it simple and easy
What do you think of mine?
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