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Author : jcfonder
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Creation : 2010-06-06
Anonymous said ...
I started ... my opinion is on! that the red shocks me a bit with the eyes of the logo (not really related to the theme of the shop) and the background of photos (I know how difficult it is)
If a link exchange with my site your interest, I am inrerréssée ....
good continuation
SergeD said ...
Good evening
Why did you create two identical sites? you disperse the visits, so the listing, like Mandy, what shocks is red and black, and photos with model, even if the low prices, I think it's not very Seller

jcfonder said ...
hello and thank you for your opinion

It is true that the photos are not top mandy we are about to work. we noted this problem but wanted to be certain.

serge for:
I did not create two identical sites, but a principal who is and a domain name that repoint to the principal.
a reason for this system:
is that the principal name Password better referencing natural and secondary name has served us to advertise paper (easier to remember)

By cons I do not understand when you tell me about the pictures with models?

Have you please solutions for pictures or ways to

thank you again
Chloe said ...
I found the site well-organized. Nevertheless I find the less eye-catching design (actually red is more or less depending on the configuration of the screen and tends to be a bit loud for me).

The cat Chloe
jeremy said ...
Two identical site that is not good for referencing this may not référncé because google likes sites are not identical

if you want an exchange contact me
Anonymous said ...
what it is for the heading tags?
I think the pictures would be better with real manequin (live), and the curtain behind it is not beneficial. enjoy the outdoor light, as it does not have as professional photographers, I think it looks better.
But what good art but my opinion and it is what it is!
La Femme said ...

I would also like to exchange links, contact me @ Lagache.vanessa

Here is my site:
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