Your opinion interest me
Hello everyone,

I discovered KingEshop and, despite the absence of notification by email, I love the style! clean, neat, precise, no superflou .. : oD

I have not quite finished (I still have to type my cgv), but I'd like your opinion on my shop (if you have 30sec of course).

The address is:

Thank you to all for your help
Author : olivier
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Creation : 2010-02-09
Delf said ...
Hi Olivier,

pull up your facebook link in footer for ca do much white.
I love the concept of your site.
I just saw your story to tell customers to 3H minimum.
put the amount direct 150Euros instead of 50E.
Olivier said ...
Hello Delf,

thank you very much, I'll look at this link.
The problem is that if I put directly 3h/150 course, if the person wants to 4am, I'm stuck ...

any idea?

Thank you!
eve said ...
Your site is great but one concern at the conditions of sale!
Your links will bunk with the text!
Otherwise nikel!
Full internship you

Olivier said ...
Hi Eve

Thank you for your review: oD
We just finished the whole site at once (it was 23:34). So maybe you looked at the GTC when they are tapped.
But it is true that I have superimposed the links to the text because I have not found a way to link directly into the text: o (

A little glance now that it's over? : oD

Good evening
Céline D. said ...
Very very good!
The customization of the site is done well.
Everything is work wonderful

Good continuation
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