Your opinion in my site
Hello I'd like your opinion on my online store
it is not really finished but already for a return to AC give that a once well done
Thank you for your reply ..
Regards Frederic
Author : Frédéric
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Creation : 2010-01-31
Anonymous said ...
Still no opinion??
Delphine said ...
It lacks the GCS, explanation of charges.
The homepage is a bit empty.
Your site has the full deposit but no explanation for this.

Council when you make a copy and paste the description of a product, takes less time to read it as regularly 'are replaced by?
Aurore said ...
Hi Frederic,
my first inpress are:
When you click on DS games ... Some sections are empty and it's not cool to find most of your empty categories!
I was in your place or I manage to put at least one game in each category and then I put the labor categories that have products for sale.
because I think the customer who visits your shop will be discouraged to see each click a blank page.
I hope to have you helped a little.
good luck,
cordially Aurore.
benebond said ...
What are your payment, your shipping cost, if we wait until the validation of the command for all that, it can put off a lot of people. Your SIRET number is not specified, it puts a token of confidence for the customer.

You have no general sales conditions, it is not professionnal.

You have empty entries, removes, even if later you want to fill ca site is not finished in the contact section presents your mail, your phone number, address ...

Overall it is good, male, this is Quil.

Good continuation.
didie said ...
the homepage is there no entry made and not enough products for the moment to give my overall opinion
Frédéric said ...
Thank you all for your comments I did clean things up
it allows me to see what's wrong and what is changing
cordially Frédéric
Frédéric said ...
For filing I think I can do as I wanted.
I want this to be the customer who deposit their items in the shop as in (Ebay or otherwise) but here I think that is possible, therefore I must find an idea, to allow the customer to their object sale
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