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Good evening,

I improved my logo, changed many things, what do you think? It was too clean so I added more pictures.
Author : Marie-P
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Creation : 2010-02-06
françois said ...
Hi Marie-P, and many say that your site is very well done, not much to fault bravo to you and good sales
Marie-P said ...

Thank you for the compliment.

Good day
Eve said ...
found your site is super nice especially the courage you had to get started in your creation is everything your honor!
I wanted to know how you got your address without KingEshop scored in the address?
And how do you know on the net! You pay for you to advertise or just by knowledge?
Me my shop is
Thank you have you give me your opinion even though I know it lacks some things
Marie-P said ...

Thank you, but it took a lot of work, plus the advice I had on the forum helped me a lot.
For the address I'm on 1and1 long time and they are very serious.
There you will find the explanation
For me I know sets me on forums letting my link to my shop, no I do not pay.
I tried to go to your shop I did not come, if I can help it'll be happy.
When you go to a blog or forum always leave your link.

Good luck
Marie-P said ...
Good evening,

I just put the final banner and add several items in the category, I'd like your opinion.
Thank you

Good evening
benebond said ...
It is really well done your site, bravo.

Good continuation
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