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My shop is nearing completion that 8217; you think? that
8217; is that I need to improve?
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http: / /
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2009-10-29
Anonymous said ...
There is a problem on the announcement I'm in new re

My shop is finally finished
I would like to have your opinion
All reviews are welcome
I also sought to change the link if you're interested

thank you
http:/ /
Delphine said ...
I can not access your shop
Mamie said ...
it's great and original: I love the customization!
But attention to spelling and French: it is not pro ... It's downright incomprehensible: we all are team effort to shorten your attention?
For the home would require a more powerful vision: Focus on the drawings for example, with delivery info below ... On the profile, you must speak to the artist. Do not activate the entry if it is empty.
customshoes is a very good name, why not put in band instead of my shoes?
There are still a lot of work to finalize the shop ...
good luck!
Anonymous said ...
Bravo amusingly original concept for an online store but I agree with Mamie ale ale faults is urgent because it should scare away some.
Anonymous said ...
thaks u for your advice its very useful ; i will check out the language problem; refering to the MORE POWER VERSION you said it is mean to take some detail photo?
For the domain name i m thinking about or by all means it will not be mes chaussures.
Delphine said ...
I could access it.
As anonymous and mami, have, have the spelling errors!
It is not always clear.
For cons the idea is brilliant and super beautiful shoes!
fed said ...
Apart from spelling errors, some photos are not pro.
Paul said ...
Good evening,
Indeed, your concept is original, but your shop is unusable.

the faults is catastrophic.

Get help to fix it.

There are also rules of punctuation and typography to respect for a correct presentation.

Go see for example:

or other sites, you will learn many things.

Good luck,

Best regards,

Anonymous said ...
2 models purchased = 1 FREE Gift ... Fortunately, a gift is free, otherwise it is not a gift lol

put more of a gift
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