Your opinion because no sale?
I would like your opinion because I've only made one sale since opening my site thank you for your help lend
Author : lolita mode
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Creation : 2010-11-25
Anonymous said ...
goodnight perhaps not enough colors in the Home Pages otherwise it looks great, affordable price ....
lmdjpa said ...
there may pence choice I know that's why you do not sell
I propose a link exchange
lolita mode said ...
what do you mean by a link exchange? my hotmail address is sandra.levreau @
Myr' said ...
Good evening,

The prices are really affordable is a very good point.
After I do not know if a submission makes them buy or not
But at least it gives may be more eager to go on the site.
And there it is true that the homepage is a very boring,
You have a lot of products to offer,
I think you can make some more nicely.
Personally I go around,
And what I hold to buy is the lack of clarification:
The descriptions are short, I do not know what materials are clothing,
I do not know the exact length tunics,
Back I can not know what happens,
I am afraid of being disappointed in the end ...
If you correct these points may be it will reassure potential customers.
Of course all this is only my opinion.
If it can help you =)

Sincerely, Myr '
Ycaz said ...
I found the site nice and clear, perhaps a little too sober. I agree about the lack of precision on some description.
In terms of sales, this site has it been listed by Google and others? How many visitors per day ... Because if it is not known, few people come to see and there are no buyers. Finally, the world is ready to wear hard ...

Good luck
sandrine said ...

I'm in the same case as you 107 hits in 4 days and still no sale, I désesprère, I know I have a concern about the resolution photo, but other than that there I dry Monday I approach the EC

good courrage
André said ...
The site is well done. There's choice and fair prices for women. Selling is the hardest. Internet is not necessarily the best choice, but a complement. The listings because I do not believe too much and end up in the end pages of Google. By cons, do the pub (flyer) in your entougage (cash to traders not concurents) But where I've already written nobody thinks it works councils. Make flyers, posters A3 for company staff with a small% for the EC and you'll certainly pass on your site. C.E. Business Women of course. Good luck because nothing is easy with this crisis and especially the purchasing power decline ever and ever.
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