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Well I'm starting, I have not finished but already there are some items I think you can get an idea ....

In advance thank you

and if you find worthy enough to appear in your links, I'd be delighted to exchange

PS: being in Switzerland, do not look siret, there is not ....
Author : charlotte
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Creation : 2011-06-08
Mahély said ...

I really like your site is clear and well done. Just a little reluctantly, that price is not in €, I think you risk losing customers.

Bonne continuation.
Bea Mo said ...

It's clear and pretty. But as the saying Mahély is unfortunate that this is not in euros.
Would it be better to quote prices in euros and a converter for your fellow Swiss?
Even if you live there ... I dont know too much, for you to see.
If the banner is cute,

Good luck.

Bea Mo.
charlotte said ...
Thank you for your comments but if you look good, each item to its price in euros so the person can do it calculates and anyway with the paypal exchange rate is the day ....
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