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Author : movieshop
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Creation : 2010-12-03
Jackee said ...
Super good ... Bravo also for the banner!
Good sales ...
Valy said ...
The idea is good although personally I'm not quite a fan of a series to bring it on me ;-)

By cons, coming to your site, I thought you were selling videos
Then, I thought it was tshirts
Then I wondered if you sell tshirts or stickers to apply yourself.

So, I do not know what you sell ;-)

Specifies the text from your homepage ...
Emma said ...
Good evening,

I enjoyed your site, cons is true only for the logo, it is confusing
Movie (mean video, film)
Would need you to put another logo for you any more closer to your sale as:
movie t-shirt shop or shop while veti-movies has to see you

Good luck

I am your project

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