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Hello, it has been two months since I'm on my site, I read the forums every day and must say that you are all wonderful. That helped a lot from you all. Today I leave my lair to introduce myself and ask your opinion on my site because I wade, stops. And not selling (I have not yet submitted my site).
In the meantime, I hope for a response ...
Author : vanessa
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Creation : 2010-04-24
Anonymous said ...
Hello Vanessa
Personally when you see your home page nothing says you sell to children as well.
You might be notified. And further explain what you do and what you sell. In less than 5 seconds (or even 3) a client must be able to be captured. What has not been my case.
Too much white on the homepage and also attention to the bottom that litter!
I personally find more cheer up the banner, as is it's too dark.

I wish you a very good continuation and sales prospects.
vanessa said ...
Manue thank you, very constructive response. I will consider.
Mylène said ...
Your site is very nice, except the side a bit too dark do not invite the lightness inspired shopping.
Very good sales you
vanessa said ...
mylène thank you, I will try to clarify.
Delf said ...

your site is good.
by cons, you should removed empty sections, ca am not pro.
And you would need more choices. I know it is not easy when you start to get the stock but that in some categories, choose from 3 clothes do not really much opportunity to purchase for your customers.

Bonne continuation.

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
Armelle said ...
Same opinion as Mylène. The home page lacks color. For photos: backpacks are taken too far (not easy to take beautiful photos!). Good continuation.
vanessa said ...
Thank you girls on the stock I have. But it's time to take everything in photo retouching is the so tempps I lack. 'll feel better later.
The colors of the home, it's hard, I tried everything but nothing goes with my logo.
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