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I am a beginner and I need your opinion
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Creation : 2010-03-29
Delphine said ...
Hello anonymous

Nice site but spelling errors (on the home page there are 2 l to excellence, you wrote in the entry fee covers instead of port and some others).

I can not find your SIRET No, legal ....

On the home page, I think it would be better if you aerate your text.

The start page is blank so far off the

The profile page, your description is marked at the bottom of the page. Is it wanted? I think it would be up prettier but that's just a matter of taste

In any case they look very appetizing pastries you:)

Good continuation

Polynésia said ...

I find your original site and your products déélicieux

In home, GCS, profile and contact layout and poorly ordered. Ask the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It helps a lot.

Some photos are slightly blurry or dark (stick sizes). Also some products in plastic, I think the picture would be better without the plastic.

I also find that there are many different colors on the home. The choice of site configuration purple does not suit the color of the banner you have chosen.

I hope I have helped.

I wish you much success!

Anthony said ...

I regret to pay a door on the purchase of a cake:)
Seriously, replace door fee charges. lol

Best regards
htpp: / /
Mylène said ...
I'll be frank, your pastries are very like the pictures are very good and the concept of Eastern pastry is very good.
By cons there are too many mistakes and grammar orhographe (without wishing to offend you or belittle you in any way I think you should get help from someone who knows French well), conditions of sale are not clear and fournies.Il must go watch other sites and inspired by what they mention it can help.
Missing your n siret binding, some pages do not contain a text incorrectly positioned, it should add a photo above or below.
Then the words payment by check or cash is daunting.
When it sells via the Internet must absolutely accept payment by credit card or via paypal.
You can not claim a cash payment for any hand delivery, a client must be able to pay by check it would suggest the work said the black and I think that this is what you would suggest to the customer.
The potential is huge it would be a shame to miss out on clients, especially today as there is competition a client has only a few seconds to hang on the homepage of a site if it would va.
You have your place and I wish you good luck for the changes.
From very beautiful future sales for you ;-)
Anonymous said ...
The pastries are delicious air but we do not know what they are doing. There was no description!

Best regards.
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