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Here is my shop has been online since August 2009, I organized meetings at home on the 84, 26 and 30 near my house, stand on the market for lingerie, lingerie fashion shows of the weekend, booth expo - Sale club night ... But I like to touch more people on the net, I'm doing advertising on facebook, on forums, free advertising, adverts ... What do you counselors, what do you site, by force I do not know, I need new eyes, I await the entry of the new summer collection.
Best regards
Author : benebond
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Creation : 2010-03-17
G@lexy_33 said ...

Your site is not bad.
Graphic chart respected.
Own pictures.

Only small problem for me:

1) Your banner of average quality (with 20kB I know it's hard to make something clean ...).

2) It's a little clutter on your homepage.
You must be redrafted so that clear.
Put your advertising for the home page in the page link.

Otherwise I think it's not bad.

If you need help please.

Best regards
chris said ...

Well I find cool products, prices are correct, but the homepage is too cluttered for my taste, there are too many small photos, text, etc. ... That's a bit messy, I'd like to see a site a bit more sober when the products are slightly more emphasized. It's hard to find an identity in what you have done.
This is my humble opinion!
Good luck to you
said ...
Thank you for your answers, I will then improve the homepage.

If there are other opinions, I take them.

Thank you.
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